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Sunday, June 9, 2013


Spring 2011 I spent 6 weeks in Macon, GA farming at the Corley Corral with owner, Sandy, and a few other wwoofers.  My first time Wwoofing and it turned out to be a perfect experience. Since I was there in spring I didn't do a lot of harvesting, but I DID do a lot of planting, maintenance, and taking care of animals.  Some of my favorites:

Sugar Bear <3 

Bonnie & Clyde :)

If you are a first-time Wwoofer and not sure that you are ready to embrace the "rough-it" living style that is available at most farms look up Corley Corral on Wwoof USA.  Sandy and her hubby Morgan provide a laid-back intro to organic farming and animal care  They will make you feel welcome as a part of their family.  I was lucky enough to attend Sandy's father's birthday party while I was staying with them, as well as meeting her siblings, daughters and grandkids.  I'm always looking for an excuse to go back and visit.