About Us

About Us

I'm Josie.  I turned 26 this year!  I was born in a farm house in the country.  I grew up here:

Bad Axe, MI
Population: 3,090

Home sweet home

I was a little weird as a kid.

But then I found some other weirdos to hang out with and it was ok.

(I'm on the left)

I am an only child.  My friends are the only brothers and sisters I will know. 

I was in middle school.
(I'm on the right)
And then I went to high school.
(still on the right)
I went to college and it was pretty much always like this.
(I'm the one in the yellow)  
JUST KIDDING! It was like this too.
But I did A LOT of this
And that's how I got here

Four years later and I don't have a "real" job or any prospect of getting one, but I do have a lot of friends and a lot of stories...

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